Schools and Programs & More

Schools and Programs & More!

Elizabeth & Sally have been active in their communities and around the United States for many years.
During Covid, both were engaging schools and teachers through Zoom meetings and remained engaged with familes and teachers.
To request Sally or Elizabeth at your school, please complete our contact form.

Sally Huss
Sally has worked with the majority of the Head Start programs in the San Diego area to provide books for their classrooms and libraries.
She has  also worked on other non-profit projects to provide specific books for the underprivileged children in Central California.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Elizabeth has worked extensively with 826 Valencia, Maine Reads, Maine Festival of the Book and has traveled across the country with storytimes and her famous chococlate chip cookies for over 25 years.  

Harper Kids
Sally oftentimes works with Tim and Peanut Harper of Harper Kids. The  Harper Kids program  is based on John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. This program encourages children to be their personal best and is added to a classroom curriculum with the help of teachers and principals.
    Even with on-line teaching, children are able to participate in various interviews with successful people whom the Harpers brings to the events. With me, an on-line class is able to see and hear me read from one of my children's books, ask questions about creating books, and join in a drawing session with that I offer. It's all fun... and it's all free to the kids, teachers, and schools. For more information, contact: